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Formula D drivers, Matt Field and Ryan Bell practicing at Infineon Raceway. April 4th.

It was wednesday so of course you know that Sonoma Drift was going on, but this time there was something a little special. If you decided to take a walk and followed the sounds in the distance of the crazy Formula D cars you would find Matt Field and Ryan Bell practicing on some of the actual track. I stood and watched them take a few runs and snapped some photos.

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Sonoma Drift. March 21st

It was another lovely wednesday out at Infineon, decent weather and a good turnout of people.  I attempted to do some panning shots this time around and it’s fun to do but I found out I got to shoot tons of photos and hope some of them turn out and that I as following the car with my camera at the same speed, when they turn out though they look awesome.  Click the link at the bottom to see the rest of the photos :).

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Sonoma Drift March 14th. Rainy Wednesday

Even though it was lightly raining the whole day that didn’t stop any of the local drifters from coming out and having fun. It actually got sold out a day or two before from all the people who pre registered. Lots of fun like always and luckily there were not many accidents, a couple people hit some tires and then there was one tandem where 2 cars lightly hit. Always nice seeing a variety of cars out there every week. I didn’t shoot for that long this week since my camera was getting pretty wet but I’m glad I got some keepers.

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