Random Snaps 4/12

Hey guys I’ve been shooting a lot of video lately, but I have a couple of photos I’d like to share with you. I’ve been doing a lot of driving, and breaking things as always too. The Coupe is down for its fourth week now, and awaiting more parts. I’ve been helping other people out with projects, and just being lazy. Enough about my slackerism, and my car. Check out these random snaps from this month.

My girlfriend Katherine finally got her BC coilovers in the mail from BG over at Enjuku. They went on super easy, the only down side is the rear doesn’t go quite low enough. We’re working on removing collars, or something of that matter.

The corolla is starting to look pretty good. It’s next venture is going to be a new set of wheels, and tires with a more aggressive offset.

This is Just a random shot from Sonoma Drift, It’s Matt Field’s fresh new 2012 FD car before he hit the tires at Long Beach. I really do like those Rotiforms, it’s a different approach. He was doing some testing on turn 3-5 on Infineon.

If you know this car you probably haven’t seen it in at least a year. It’s been in hibernation for over a year with no motor. Sean Hoover has been competing, and drifting his girl Ashley’s car until he could save up enough coin to toss this S14 Notch Top in his car. I can’t wait to tandem with this thing. The bumper isn’t zip-tied on usually the fitment on the vertex kit is really good.

In the background you can see Jeff’s Corolla I’ll be posting that up soon hopefully. You can also see our photographer Eric Molyneaux.

Last but not least we have Andy Gillespie in his problematic hatchi. These photos were shot while he was running on 3 cylinders. The car is coming along, and his SR20DET powered Miata is almost back together as well.

Nothing like an 80’s car with lots of low and lots of go. Those JDM bumpers make the car stand apart with a very OEM+ look, which I’ve always been a fan of.

Thanks for reading all my dumb words,


About The Low Budget Crew

Up and coming crew of drifters, drinkers, photographers, and mechanics originating from the bay area. We are The Low Budget Crew!

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  1. Nice pics, thanks. keep up the posts. My friends & I really like this site.

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