In car with Palmer from Summer Jam


Rob smoking out Sonoma with KA power

Rob smoking out Sonoma with KA power

This is the last time you’ll see this car for a while. It’s going down for some paint and a surprise.

Palmer’s SR20 Swap

At Sonoma Drift one night I had beat on the KA too hard for the last time. During a run I lost power and it died, I started it back up and it died once again ending in rod knock. Sorry for the phone photos in advance, I was too worried with making the car run to take nice photos, anyways enough about photo quality. When I discovered the rod knock luckily I had a good amount of support from friends. I drive my car to the track usually so Matt Madrigali towed his car home, came back and we loaded up my car.

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Thunder Drift Pro Am Round 1 Recap

Pro Am is here once again, and we all have been waiting quite some time for it. A lot of people had their cars ready, due to it starting late in the season. It was worth the wait for us, because there were so many competitors. The first round was held at the Solano County Fair grounds which meant space was limited and the high powered cars had some trouble at first. Judge Julian Jacobs went out in his daily drifter to test out the course.

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Finally New Stickers in Stock!

Hey guys I know you’ve all been waiting patiently for some new stickers, well now they’re here! Sparkle Black, and Sparkle Silver cut by AW Films.

If you want some really nice vinyl work done check him out on facebook.

Purchase here!

Thunder Drift Pro Am Round One Video time

Video from #TDPROAM1!

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Baby J & Julian Jacobs take you to school.

Julian Jacobs, Jason Bostrom, and the rest of the SS Auto Power Team threw a skid pad training event in Stockton CA. It was a really fun event, and we hope there is another one.

Filmed with
Canon T2i
Canon 28mm 1.8



Infineon Raceway: Ferrari Challenge

Ferrari Challenge is an 8 race series held from March to to November, these racers travel around the United States to race their beautiful F430’s, 458s, and 599s. Now yes, we know Ferraris are not low budget cars, but a like you, just because we are the Low Budget Crew doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching some luxurious cars blasting around the track.

Typically, when I show up to Infineon I am greeted by the sound of boosted SR20’s, squealing tires and the smell of burning rubber. This time was different. I found this greeting somewhat similar, but rather polite. I was greeted by the sound of ultra-high-revving V8’s and V10’s, along with many European folk saying ello.

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Video Time!

I made a trip out to SS Auto Power to film Jason Bostrom & Julian Jacobs prepping their cars for Formula Drift. Julians car was not there so I will be going back to make a full video, this is just a teaser.
Please stay tuned for updates.

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Random Snaps 4/12

Hey guys I’ve been shooting a lot of video lately, but I have a couple of photos I’d like to share with you. I’ve been doing a lot of driving, and breaking things as always too. The Coupe is down for its fourth week now, and awaiting more parts. I’ve been helping other people out with projects, and just being lazy. Enough about my slackerism, and my car. Check out these random snaps from this month.

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